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Finish April

The Better you get at finishing things, the more confidence you'll have.

Finish April better than you've ever finished a month. Allow yourself to sprint powerfully to a finish line.

Remove distractions, get down to business.

Be where you need to be. Be present where you need to be present.

Put the distractions away.

Commit deeper to the results you seek. Get more convicted in your desire and faith.

Do whatever it is you must do. But there's no time for excuses.

Get very clear on your values. Then live those values now. Ignore everything else.

There are a billion choices and options and distractions in the world.

A true decision means you've cut off the alternative options that are only distractions.

You're ok with that.

You love it.

It's your competitive advantage. Because while you're living your life and values, much of

the world is caught up in the web of never ending distractions. Such is a fog of confusion

that is not happy nor productive.

Finish April.

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